Scars From My Past
October 2, 2016
Where Did I Go Wrong?
October 16, 2016

About Five years ago, Tayo and Kunle got wedded. Exactly a year after, they were blessed with twin babies, a boy and a girl. They were both doing well and contributing immensely to the family upkeep. Tayo owns a boutique while Kunle is a high ranking officer in a commercial bank. The couple looked so perfect…from a distance. Kunle is a chauvinist while Tayo is arrogant and full of herself. They had been having attitudinal issues since courtship but Kunle felt he could tame her once they were married which unfortunately doesn’t appear to work for him.

Two years after Tayo put to bed, there was a fraud case in Kunle’s office and he was placed on indefinite suspension without pay, pending investigation. Life became unbearable for Kunle because he couldn’t stand the fact that his wife had to assume full responsibility of their upkeep. Tayo didn’t help matters either because she kept using every available opportunity to rub it in, reminding him she wasn’t the one that implicated him in the first place. Tayo became bossy, disrespectful and uncontrollable that Kunle regretted ever marrying her but he kept praying to God to resolve the fraud case as he was innocent.

One Friday afternoon, Tayo came home very angry and upset because her children were not given adequate attention at the creche. It took serious effort from Kunle to calm her down and in response, she asked Kunle to henceforth babysit the children as she would no longer pay for crèche services, the money, she said, would take care of other pressing needs. An argument ensued between them but it was an argument Kunle couldn’t win. As it is, his wife is now the one ‘wearing the pants at home’. He was embittered that he had to obey his wife, but took solace in the fact that they were also his children replica rolex.

Baby sitting was quite an uphill task for Kunle but within a week, he was able to get the hang of it. On the other hand, Tayo was delighted that her children were in safer hands so she started coming home rather late. This change led to so many confrontations and arguments between the couple but Tayo became defensive and wouldn’t budge. Kunle resolved not to press the issue further but blamed himself for his present predicament; if not for his careless attitude in the office he wouldn’t have been implicated. Now, he has to subject himself to the control of a woman replica rolex watches.

Exactly a year and three months after the fraud incident, Kunle was vindicated and recalled back to the office with all his entitlements fully paid. He was elated as he felt like a ‘real man’ again. He took the children to a more conducive school, changed his wardrobe and gave himself wholeheartedly to his job. The situation in their marriage also changed as he deliberately kept late nights and avoided his wife as much as possible.

On one of such nights, Tayo confronted him since she couldn’t bear it any longer. Kunle was definitely not in the mood for any argument and he chose to ignore her. Tayo walked up to him, held his shirt so tight on his neck as if she wanted to strangle him. In a bid to defend himself, he managed to unlock her grip and pushed her away towards the wall. Tayo became more aggressive, picked a nearby vase and hit his head with force. Kunle collapsed on the ground with blood gushing out from a cut on his forehead. Tayo panicked, but she couldn’t abandon him, so she beckoned on the security guard and they rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

“God please don’t let my husband die”, Tayo muttered in desperation. She realised she had been responsible for the issues in her marriage. She knew there was no undue influence and that she alone was responsible for her unbecoming attitude towards her husband. She could recall the number of times her husband tried to correct her but the thought of him being a chauvinist kept her from adhering to his counsel. She shuddered as she remembered how Kunle had to obtain a loan to set up her boutique and how she maltreated him during his trying period. Kunle had always tried to please her but she was totally blind to it all. “God, please save my husband!” She cried out in desperation while awaiting the doctor’s update….

As humans, we are mostly influenced by our background, relationship, environment and culture, amongst others, which eventually takes toll on our attitudes. Having a wrong attitude is highly detrimental to love and peace in any home. It is advisable to run a periodic self-check to identify where we have missed it and strive to make amends.

As women, we should note that people love to be respected, and men are not excluded. Sometimes we may feel they don’t deserve it but would we expect our spouses to only show us love when we deserve it? Certainly not! When we look down or disrespect our spouses especially when they are incapacitated in one way or the other, we exhibit foolishness. If we desire to live in harmony, we should watch our rolex replica watches attitude.

Thank you for your time, please drop your comments and share with others too. Till I come your way next week, make your marriage work!


  1. David Olori says:

    A sad experience but a life lesson and warning to couples. Thanks for the narration.

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