October 2, 2017
November 19, 2017

There is a popular saying that nobody is perfect but when the imperfection has to do with deception, cheating or the likes, it is advisable to part ways before signing the dotted lines; here is my story…. replica rolex watch

My name is Bolaji a 32 year old spinster with a lucrative job. Apart from my 9-5 job, I also make celebration cakes as a side business, I believe in hard work and I must confess that it pays; besides, I don’t intend to be a liability to my husband if I eventually settle down. I am not really a social person because of my busy schedule but that never stopped me from attending church and being actively involved.

Two years ago, precisely on my 30th birthday, I met Kola. He accompanied Bayo a friend of mine to the mini birthday party I threw to celebrate my birthday and from that day we got along well. Kola is really fun to be with, besides, he is nice and caring so when he finally proposed marriage, I couldn’t help but say yes. Within a short while, I took him home to meet my parents and they gave us their blessings. I thought he was going to do same with me but he kept giving excuses each time I brought it up; though I felt unsettled but I kept making excuses for him.

Some months back, I decided to pay him a surprise visit at his apartment, though I had only been there once but it wasn’t difficult for me to find. However, I got a very rude shock when I was told by his neighbour that he had moved out a month earlier. I went back home highly disappointed but decided to keep mute till he came visiting that evening. He apologised for not telling me about it, he claimed he was having financial problems and had to move out when his rent expired to share apartment with a friend pending the time he could get enough money for another rent. I felt so bad that he couldn’t share his problems with me but he insisted that he didn’t want to bother me.

Shortly after that incidence, I bumped into Bayo at a departmental store and when I told him about Kola’s accommodation problem, he was a bit puzzled and asked for a little time to get to the bottom of the matter. Well, meeting Bayo that day saved me further humiliation as he indeed got to the bottom of the matter as he promised. It was so shocking to discover that my beloved Kola had no accommodation problem, rather, he had to change apartment because another lady was carrying his baby and her parents insisted that she moved in with him. The most annoying part is that he knew there was no future for us but he still led me on, he made me believe I was the only one in his life while he was busy sleeping around; Kola, God will judge between us fake rolex!

Kola made efforts to seek forgiveness while apportioning blame to the devil for misleading him, he even told me that he still wants the relationship to continue because he loves me; “tell that to the marines Kola, it is over between us! I told him bluntly”. Honestly speaking, it was a very painful experience for me because I loved and trusted him with my whole heart, but I thank God that I discovered before it was too late. I have forgiven him so that I won’t end up carrying needless pain and have since moved on with my life, believing that very soon, the right man for me will come my way.

As humans, we are prone to mistakes but when it has to do with constant deception, it is totally inexcusable because that’s more of a deliberate act. If a man can’t remain faithful in a relationship, he has fake rolex watches no business promising marriage to any woman, same is applicable to women also; don’t make an innocent person suffer unnecessarily for your incontinence.

Thank you once again for your time, feel free to drop your comments and contributions or send me a mail through, or Also, don’t forget to share the story with others too. Till I come your way again, make your marriage work!

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