God’s Ideal Family

The Path of Destruction
May 19, 2018
God’s Ideal Family video
June 25, 2018

Introducing God’s Ideal Family….
About the Book
Marriage is a God ordained institution made for man to reproduce His image while taking dominion over all things on earth. The devil is aware of this fact and will stop at nothing to frustrate and destroy this institution; the alarming rate of divorce, abuse, unruly children, sexual perversion and the likes, are enough pointers to this.
‘God’s Ideal Family’ highlights some of the major issues confronting the home and how we can tackle them through prayers, the word of God, and changes in lifestyle. It is written in the form of a ‘daily challenge’ which spans over a period of 31 days. With commitment and discipline the change you desire will definitely come in Jesus name.

Price: N1,000 per copy
To order for your copy(ies) please send SMS to 0803 563 2839
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