I Missed It (3)

I Missed It (2)
January 28, 2017
Love Found Me
February 11, 2017

Office work became more cumbersome for me as one of my colleagues took ill and was billed for surgery. I rarely had time for lunch, not to talk of fellowship. At least that kept me away from Jude for a while. My boss noticed my dedication and sometimes he would order food to be delivered at my desk. Sometimes I did overtime too and it was on one of such days that my boss decided to have a serious discussion with me. The topic for discussion wasn’t alien to me but hearing it from my boss was another thing altogether. He told me how kind and God fearing Jude was and how he told him he had interest in me but I was playing too hard to get and he wouldn’t want me to miss the opportunity. Jesus! If not that he was my boss, I could have tongue lashed him! I wondered why he turned himself suddenly to Jude”s campaign manager. I told him I wasn’t interested in the ‘opportunity’ and he should let me be. He said it was okay but he only felt I needed someone who will care for me genuinely but since I showed no interest, he would respect my wish and let me be. I told him I appreciated his concern, thanking him all the same. I put a call through to Jude that same night warning him never to come near me nor send anyone to me.
“Kike, with this attitude of yours, I pray you won’t miss it”, Jude admonished as he rounded off the conversation.

Months passed, work continued but I felt somehow lonely. Though no one bothered me about Jude but I kind of missed him. I couldn’t call him nor ask my boss about his welfare. The other option I had was to attend fellowship but I couldn’t just bring myself to it. Though I looked tough on the outside, my emotions were gradually giving me away. I yearned for true love but I didn’t just know what to do. I was in this state of mind when my boss called that I should see him in his office. Somehow I wanted him to talk about Jude but when I got to his office, I discovered he wasn’t alone; Jude was with him. I almost ran back but I had to quickly pull myself together peradventure I might get another chance. My boss apologised for intruding into my privacy and said I should hear Jude out as he excused us. Jude asked me to sit down and relax. Of course I was agitated but I sat down hoping to be given another chance. Jude apologised for coming to the office to see me because he had no other choice. He narrated how he was attracted to me the first time he saw me, his feelings for me and how he would have loved to settle down in marriage with me. However, my attitude towards him proved that I didn’t feel the same way towards him. Initially he thought I was playing too hard to get but when I warned him over the phone during our last conversation he knew it wouldn’t work. He told me he knew I had issues but couldn’t say what it was specifically. He concluded by saying, “Kike, please allow Jesus into your life and see how He will turn your life around. May you find true love as I have found mine”.
The last statement made me look into his eyes with a puzzled look and as if he read my mind, he told me God gave him someone else when I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in him and very soon they would be tying the knots. He said he just felt like informing me so I could break the ice around me. I wept profusely as I realised all the chances God gave me to move on but missed because of past hurt.
“Kike, you have a choice to turn your life around if you are willing; only Jesus can mend your broken heart”, Jude spoke softly as he handed his handkerchief to me so I could wipe away the tears on my face. Yes, I might have missed Jude, but I think I need someone who will heal my broken heart and turn my life around for the best; I surrender all……

Sometimes in life we are faced with circumstances beyond our control and we can’t but feel cheated. We wonder why it had to be us and most times blame God for keeping mute. Whatever the situation is, don’t allow it to redefine you, rather, get up and move on! I am not saying we can’t grieve over the situation but we mustn’t keep mourning forever. Don’t make drastic decisions that will deprive you of true joy forever because life is too short to want to spend a single moment in misery. Whatever decision you need to take, do it right away. Any attitude or habit you need to drop please go ahead and drop them. May we not miss our opportunities in Jesus name.

For those who take pleasure in inflicting emotional pain on others through rape or double dating; it is high time to desist from such shameful act. Why bring pain on an innocent soul because you lack self control? Remember the law of sowing and reaping, what goes around will definitely come around. If you escape the punishment of man, that of God will not pass you by, repent!
I pray for those who are hurting, that their hearts be mended so that they can move on and enjoy life to the fullest in Jesus name.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Hmmmmmmm! Dis is rily deep! Indeed, most people take long to recover from heartbreaks. May God heal all wounded hearts and broken spirit in Jesus Name, Amen… Neva mourn anybody’s departure from ur life at d expense of ur happiness.

  2. Ade says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story may God continue to give you wisdom knowledge and understanding to write more in jesus name Amen. I remembered I was raped when I was 18year the pain and the memories only God that can remove it cos it not a good experience but I thank God am over it now and I forgive myself and the guy, the first healing is to forgive urself which I did and pray to God to heal the wound after that you can forgive the guy.

    • Amen! Thanks for sharing your experience here. I had to make it public for others to learn from. We can all receive healing if we are willing to allow God into our situation. It’s not easy but it’s worth every effort.
      God bless you Sis, love you so much.

  3. Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi says:

    Great Work. God bless you. I feel it is better to heal up before starting a new relationship that’s the best way for the hurting to enjoy subsequent relationship.

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