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February 13, 2020
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May 31, 2020

Feed your mind this season with life transforming words…

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About the Book

Welcome to your new season! God has made everything beautiful in His time and this is your time and season to have all things around you beautiful. Enter into the greatness and fulfilment designed for you by the maker of these seasons, who is dynamic, yet consistent.
‘A New Season’ will minister faith and hope to you, it will help you understand the mind of God concerning your life and how you must make deliberate effort to be productive while making a positive impact on those dear to you and your generation at large.
Furthermore, it will teach you why you must forget the former things, do a mind detox and erase all negativity by replacing them with the right words. At the end , you will see that God can make a way in your wilderness and even rivers in your desert , especially in your relationships , because His thoughts for you are of peace and to give you an expected end.


  1. Shenkoya Rita says:

    A New Season is a book that open one’s heart,mind and eyes to the truth about God’s unending love and his faithfulness towards his children.The truth in the book is overwhelming that I encourage everyone to get the book and also read it.Are you afraid of your tomorrow or is your life filled with troubles?I encourage you to read the book (A New Season) and find out who you are and the purpose of God for your life.Below are some lessons from the book that have helped me in life
    1. God is in charge of everything, So whenever you are faced with any challenge, don’t go crying or complaining, all you need to do is to remember how God delivered you in the time past (past victories
    and deliverance ).
    2. To achieve your dream and conquer your fear,you must work in faith which comes by hearing, meditating and speaking the word of God, don’t forget to back your faith with action.
    3. Have the right motive for serving God, which is to know him more (having a relationship with your father ).
    4. God can never and will never mislead you.
    5. God must be your first and final option in everything you do and not you last option.
    6. Learn how to use your tongue,speak the right words to yourself and to others, also speak the word of God over every situation and make sure you speak the word in Faith and not out of fear.

    If you want to go far in your spiritual life and know the mind and the plan of God towards you,then please read the book.

  2. Nehemiah says:


  3. Ayooluwa says:

    This book is life transforming. It is a wonderful guide on how to ensure you plan and grow so as to achieve success and productivity.

  4. Shenkoya Rita says:

    The truth in this book is overwhelming. It is a book that will help you grow physically and spiritually. The book actually helped me to know more about God,and also helped me to get raid of negative thoughts.So I encourage everyone to read this book,one thing I assure you is that is going to transform every aspect of your life.

  5. Martha Duchi says:

    This book is set to help you discover your season and acquaint you with the ways to dig out the gold mine therein.

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