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August 26, 2017
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September 18, 2017

When love is sick, things that don’t matter are given unnecessary attention. Dave and Tina were heartthrobs since their University days before they eventually tied the knots 4years ago. Unfortunately, what seemed like a blissful marriage at the beginning suddenly began to nose dive 2 years into their marriage.

Tina at that time just had a beautiful baby girl and all her attention shifted to her which didn’t go down too well with her husband. Dave didn’t quite understand that she was passing through a phase in her life as a first-time mum’; which was a really demanding period for her . He found it difficult to understand why he had to come home to meet a sloppy and tired looking woman with the ‘fragrance’ of breast milk instead of the beautiful and ever charming lady he married 2 years back. Tina on the other hand felt so burdened but she took solace in the fact that she has a daughter of her own and by the time she resumed work after 4 months, the pressure became unbearable.

One thing about Tina is that she puts her entirety in whatever comes her way but Dave’s inability to understand her at that time made matters worse for her. Dave knew that her job is demanding and with the recent downsizing that took place in her office, she had no choice other than to put in her best at work so she wouldn’t end up being fired; besides, they needed her salary so much as a family.

Dave began to feel neglected and as such became grumpy, he picked offence at the slightest opportunity and whenever Tina tries to make him see reasons with her, he was quick to rub it in that it’s because she earns more than him. Tina couldn’t just understand why all her efforts were never appreciated, obviously she expected so much support and love from Dave but was disappointed that he wasn’t forthcoming.
Furthermore, Dave began to stay out at weekends instead of spending time at home with his family thus widening the gap between them.

There is always a reward for hardwork, Tina’s dedication to work paid off as she was promoted with juicy benefits attached but instead of Dave to be excited, he got unnecessarily suspicious of his wife’s moves. He read meaning into every call or message from Tina’s direct boss to the extent of accusing her of having an affair with him. Tina couldn’t just fathom what had become of her husband who vowed to be there for her through thick and thin; on the other hand she’s not pleased with the recent accusation of infidelity. She loves him and wants her marriage to work out but the recent turn of events in her home is weighing her down; what should Tina do?

Love is not all about looks or feelings, true test of love is revealed when both parties still reach out to one another regardless of changes in expectations or looks. It is important to also note that life is in phases and most times our way of adjusting to these phases differ but at the same time, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to condone negligence. For instance, a ‘first-time mum’ shouldn’t make excuses for being sloppy or unkempt despite the fact that it’s a new phase for her. Also her husband should be able to relate with her and help her be her best during that phase instead of complaining. Couples should learn to stand by each other and not be self-centred. Being self-centred is a breeding ground for unnecessary thoughts or actions which is an indication of a sick or decaying love. May we receive grace to do the needful at all times in Jesus name.

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  1. Adesuwa Zanita Ugiagbe says:

    It has been a while but I am glad I can still access these truly inspiring stories. God bless you ma. Greater Heights in JESUS NAME.

  2. Thanks Adesuwa, God bless you

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