June 18, 2016

Anguish In My Soul

Share“A devil with an ugly face and two horns can easily be identified than the one in a Cassock”. My name is Jennifer and I am married to Jerry Jinad. Friends call us ‘Triple J’. Jerry and I met at a youth conference six years ago, a perfect good looking […]
June 11, 2016

Baseless Comparison

ShareGrace and I had been friends since childhood days; hardly do people notice that we weren’t blood sisters. We shared so much in common and never kept secrets from each other, as a matter of fact, Grace was the first person I told about Jude’s proposal and she was so […]
June 4, 2016

I Killed Her!

ShareMy name is Ben Timothy, friends call me BenT. I come from what you’d call a wealthy and high social background. Being the only male child amongst six girls, my parents doted on me like a mother hen. I had everything at my beck and call with so many friends […]
May 28, 2016

Hijacker Series III

ShareMarriage is actually a bed of roses because as beautiful as the roses may look, there are thorns on the stem that holds them. I got married 5years ago to my first love- Sam and we were both determined to work at removing the thorns on our marriage roses. The […]
May 14, 2016

To Love and Perish?

ShareIs it a crime to say ‘I do’? Or when has it become a crime to desire a blissful marriage? Is there anything like ‘living happily ever after or it’s just some fairy tale? Why are Marriage vows now mere statements as the promise ‘to love and cherish’ has given […]
May 8, 2016

Hijacker Series I

ShareIt was a hot Saturday afternoon, Jude and his friend Larry just finished a swimming session and they both reclined on the pool bench, under the shade of an umbrella. “How I wish my marriage is as refreshing as this water”, Jude said to Larry. “Really? it’s the same here […]
April 30, 2016

Undefined Boundaries

ShareDora and I have been friends from college days. We were extremely close that people referred to us as twin sisters. Unknown to them, Dora was three years older, though she had a small stature. Dora is so gentle natured and highly intelligent, she exudes so much maturity in all […]
April 23, 2016


Share“Are you sure this is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?” My father asked for the third time. “Yes dad”, I replied although I was a little bit agitated. My Dad is a man of few words, so having him repeat the same question […]
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