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April 16, 2020
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June 6, 2020

This generation is so ‘blessed’; I don’t want to be a pessimist. There are so many things working contrary to the smooth sail of our ship in the journey of life, rendering us helpless most times but I believe we will overcome ‘las-las’.

Our parents, in their quest to make us the best among our peers, unknowingly pushed us into depression. How do you expect me to become the overall best in class when you have not given me the chance of choosing the subjects that I am best at? I know, you are supposed to guide me but when you impose your will born out of selfish reasons upon me; I stand the risk of being frustrated.

Some parents won’t cease to amaze me when it comes to comparison among siblings. They have forgotten that though we might be siblings, we differ in temperament, gifts and abilities. How then, do they want us to be the same? I might be adventurous because of my temperament, that doesn’t mean I should be forced to be like a sibling who is on the reserved side. The result is this, instead of siblings looking out for one another; they begin to detest each other. Some of my peers have slipped into depression while some had to resort to drugs because they couldn’t bear it any longer, but their parents are not in the know that they are a disaster waiting to manifest.

The wind blowing from the negative side of the media is overwhelming. Gone are the days when you deliberately had to go in search of sexually explicit content to find it. The internet has made it so easy now, that with just a click of the button, you have free access into the world of pornography. It’s so bad that while trying to search for good content on the internet, unsolicited popups that can pollute the mind will appear from nowhere. Honestly, it will take the special grace of God not to fall into the temptation of probing further. Adults still face this temptation today, yet they expect their children to be immune. A child who sees porn videos on the parent’s device will definitely want to know more; to worsen it, the parent will threaten fire and brimstone when they discover their children have been exposed to such. Who is fooling who?

The double faced life we see among some parents is not encouraging, they are saints in church but sinners at home. They, though being hypocrites, expect their children to be oaks of righteousness; it won’t work! A father, who doesn’t pray at home but is a prayer machine in church, should expect that his children won’t take his teachings on prayers seriously. Little wonder, most children aren’t interested in the things of God because of the ‘comedy they see around them daily’.

Evil communication corrupts good manners, so we were told to make friends only with fellow christians. Unfortunately, most of them are agents of pollution too. Some take advantage of social media groups to promote immorality thereby exposing the ‘weak willed’ ones to danger. Are there no good examples at home and in church? Yes, there are, and that should be a kind of succor for us that we can still live holy against all odds.

Dear parents, we need you to help us navigate safely on the sea of life, please don’t allow us get lost. We need you to teach and lead us in the right path, not doing all our reasoning for us. We don’t want to live like zombies; we desire to express ourselves as sound and intelligent children.
Allow us to enjoy our season as children but correct us when we seem to go overboard. When we err, please discipline us as appropriate. Never keep mum when we go on the path of destruction.

Remember to always pray for us and teach us to do the same too. Teach us to study the bible and make the love of God more appealing to us.
Take care of our needs instead of indulging our wants; I am sure you won’t want us to still depend on you when we become adults someday. Fill our minds with positive words so that we can be mentally balanced. Our generation may be at risk, but with your help and the power of God; we will get to the shore safely.

A little advice for all my peers; take responsibility for your life! You have the power of choice, please use it wisely! Most importantly, let Jesus into the boat of your life and you will see how smooth the sail will be.
Keep faith and stay safe.

#Concerned Teen.




  1. Oluwole says:

    Good will help us. Nice write-up

  2. Phareedah says:

    An amazing piece
    Thank you ma…

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