The Path of Destruction

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March 18, 2018
God’s Ideal Family
June 14, 2018

Sometimes we make decisions that seems right in our eyes, we ignore warning signs and instructions given to us because they don’t seem to align with our interests, unfortunately, in a matter of time, we will get our fingers burnt severely and we will be left alone to bear the pain.

My name is Kanyinsola, a young lady in her late twenties with a promising career. I grew up in a Christian home under the watchful eyes of strict parents and being the only girl among four boys, my parents never gave me a breathing space. I felt so caged in because I wasn’t allowed to visit friends neither were they allowed to pay me a visit. My weekends were always busy with house chores, church programs and helping my mum at her textile shop. I never liked the idea of not having my own freedom and I struggled so hard to pass my exams so I could gain admission into the university.

At last my hard work paid off when I gained admission into the university almost immediately after my secondary school education. It was a new experience for me as I had to face life without the watchful eyes of my parents; I threw caution to the wind forgetting that I was naïve. I lived a double-faced life since I attended almost all the social events on campus, club houses and still found a way of attending campus fellowships; it was more of a religious thing for me than having a relationship with God. In no time, I was subtly introduced to alcohol, sex and drugs by my boyfriend Akin whose overtures I couldn’t resist. He was one of the big guys on campus and I felt so lucky being his ‘babe’, so I ensured I did everything to keep him to myself. On the other hand and surprisingly, my academics didn’t suffer because Akin knew how to ‘sort’ me out and since I was ‘doing well’ in my studies, my parents had no reason to suspect anything was amiss . I thought I was smart in my own eyes by living a deceitful lifestyle, unknown to me, it was to my detriment.

In my third year on campus, Akin dumped me for a ‘fresher’, I was so devastated that I contemplated suicide, it was just sheer providence that kept me from terminating my life. Instead of taking a cue from the experience, I found myself in the arms of another ‘smooth talker’, Bayo a final year student. He continued from where Akin stopped though he wasn’t financially buoyant as Akin. That wasn’t much of a problem because I got financial support from my parents. I got pregnant for Bayo and since I wasn’t a novice to abortion, I decided to terminate it. Unfortunately for me, I developed complications and my womb had to be removed to save my life. It was so devastating for me partly because I had no womb and the fact that Bayo dumped me. However, God did not forget me; He raised people for me during that dark period of my life to support me while I retraced my steps back to Him. It took a while for me to break off the drug addiction but with the help of God and the rehab center on campus for addicts, I pulled through. I had an extra year though, but it was far better than losing my life.

It’s been over 6years that I had that nasty experience, I have since moved on with my life by making God and my career a priority. My wounds have healed but the ‘scar’ of not having a womb still lingers on. I hope know that someday I will get a man who will look beyond my past and love me for who I am. I also believe that God who saved me from destruction has better plans for my life. My advice for youths out there is to learn from me and desist from towing the path of destruction because so many people aren’t as lucky to tell their stories. Furthermore, parents should be more sensitive to the needs of their children so that they won’t end up pushing them farther away from the right path. Instead of building walls around them, teach them the truth about life, allow them mingle with friends and advise them on how to build walls to protect themselves , while keeping tabs on them.

Thanks for your time, please share with others and endeavour to leave a comment. Till I come your way again, choose wisely.

– Iretiadeoyinleye

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