The ‘Side Chick’

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February 18, 2018
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May 19, 2018

There is nothing so devastating as being the second option in a relationship, it’s like someone on a journey without a destination. I write this to warn every single lady out there of the danger in being a ‘side chick’.
My name is Linda, a single lady in her late twenties. I work in a Recruitment Firm and I must say that I enjoy every bit of my job, at least, it avails me the opportunity of meeting people without having to attend social functions. I met Larry during a recruitment exercise and I must confess that it was love at first sight for me. We started as friends because he was already in a relationship but trust women and their tact, I was able to warm my way into his heart.

Larry is such a wonderful and caring man, he practically told me he didn’t want to hurt his fiancee though he was having issues with her; that was enough warning to snap me out of my dream world but I chose to ignore it. I spent my resources on Larry and even gave my body to him at will despite the sermons in Church just to win him over completely but it all proved abortive. At a point I wanted to give up but my friends encouraged me to intensify my efforts and not allow another lady to deprive me of my joy.

In the 2nd year of our dating, I decided to ask Larry if we had a future together and he told me to still give him more time to sort things out with his fiancee; that was where I lost my cool and we actually had our first fight. The next 2 weeks wasn’t easy for me, I cried virtually every night, lost my appetite and even lost some weight. My friends encouraged me to go back to him and apologise since I still love him. I heeded their advice and I got my man back or so I thought.

About 3 months after, I decided to take my strategy to another level by making myself know to Larry’s fiancee. I was so desperate to have him and would stop at nothing to separate him from her. All I needed to do was to break the rule of not visiting Larry in his apartment without giving him prior notice. I went there Friday night after he had told me she would be at his place for the weekend. I stood at the doorstep rehearsing my speech in my head but before I could conclude, a beautiful young lady opened the door for me. While I stood gazing at her well polished skin, I got the biggest shock of my life.
” Hello you must be Linda, I have heard so much about you from Larry, please come in” She said.
I was too shocked for words as she pulled me into the apartment while calling on Larry that he had a guest. Immediately Larry saw me, his countenance changed, he began to bombard me with questions on what I was doing at his place and why I would come unannounced. I tried to talk but words failed me. I just stood there like a zombie.
“Well, since you have nothing to say, I guess it’s time you take your leave” Larry told me sarcastically.
I finally found my voice only to ask who the fair lady was.
“Who do you think she is Linda? Well since you asked, she’s Tina my fiancee, she’s aware that you are a second option, since you have decided to meet her face to face, I guess it’s time you face the truth; I can’t leave her for you and as a matter of fact, we will be getting married in 3 months” time. Larry said.
Tina looked at me with the eyes of triumph as I walked out of their apartment. “Good luck girl, never go near a man who is already engaged” She said as she banged the door behind me; what a big disgrace!


What is not yours is simply not yours! Dating a man who is already in a relationship is not a wise decision no matter the ‘lyrics of the song’ he sings to you and vice versa. On the other hand, trying to win such a man over by all means is an act of desperation which most times will end in misery. Ladies, stop selling yourselves cheap, your ‘prince charming’ will definitely come at the right time. Furthermore, a man/woman who is already in a relationship should remain committed and not try to toy with another person’s emotions; frankly speaking, it’s a callous act! May we receive enough wisdom to do the right things always.
Thank you for your time, please don’t forget to share and drop your comments/questions, I would love to hear from you; till I come your way again, make your relationships healthy!

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