Ugly Secret II

Ugly Secret
August 27, 2016
Bitter Or Better
September 17, 2016

“For how long were you planning to hide the truth from me? Oh, you deliberately wanted another man’s child to be my heir? I am totally disappointed in you; you are indeed a big disgrace to womanhood! To really think that I trusted you all this while; shame on you!

Those hurtful words kept gushing out of my husband’s mouth as he expressed his anger the next day after the hospital incidence. The shock was too much for him when the doctor confirmed that Jerry had sickle cell. At the point he insisted we go elsewhere to run the test, I had to tell him the truth. He left the hospital in anger and I had to stay back till Jerry was discharged later that evening. He avoided us like plague when we got home and refused to utter a word until I had to go to him with tears in my eyes to plead for forgiveness the next morning. He, of course had every right to be angry and I was willing to do anything to save my marriage, so I just took the whole insult in good faith as I kept pleading. He told me to contact my ex and send the boy to him before he got back from the office and for me, I would have to wait for his decision later that night.

I felt so lonely and miserable, how would I abandon Jerry with my ex now that he needs me, with full cognizance of the fact that my ex had no clue of his existence? To worsen it, we hadn’t been in touch in a while; how was I supposed to break the news to him? I summoned courage and put a call to a friend of his who was a catalyst to my getting employed initially and I got the greatest shock of my life: Wilson Thomas my ex, passed on 3 months earlier in a London hospital! My world came crashing before me as confusion took over my mind. I didn’t know whether to mourn the dead or to sorrow over the impending doom my marriage was facing, and time was not on my side. I sent a message to my husband informing him about the death of Wilson, at the same time pleading with him to forgive me but I got no response. I prepared myself for the worst as I awaited his arrival. Meanwhile I made an arrangement with a friend to help me take the children to her place on the pretext that I wasn’t feeling too well.

Daniel came back late that night, as soon as he settled in; he beckoned on me to come. I walked up to him like a convict awaiting trial. There was this strange look on his face as he told me to sit down. I knelt down instead as I began to weep and ask for forgiveness. “Agatha, though you hurt me deeply, I have forgiven you. I guess it’s payback time for me because I also hid something from you. Comfort, whom you know as my niece is actually my daughter. Her mother died at childbirth and my mum had been taking care of her since then. I hid the truth from you all this while because I was afraid of losing you. Will you please find a place in your heart to forgive me? We can keep Jerry under our care without revealing the truth to anyone and bring Comfort fully into the family”. I listened to Daniel as he slowly spilled those words while staring at him in bewilderment….. Am I actually supposed to jump for joy at his proposal or get angry? Is this a blessing in disguise? How many ugly surprises await me in this journey called marriage? I have learnt my lesson though but I regret the health challenge I had gotten Jerry into.

The truth can be buried but one day it will be exposed, and if care is not taken, a lot of damage could be done. It is always advisable to build our relationships on genuine Love. If you love someone, you won’t want to hurt them. Where there is deception, true love can’t exist there.

Furthermore, some people ignorantly or deliberately ignore the issue of genotype and most times the children have to suffer the consequences. Nobody can feel the pain a child with sickle cell goes through; so why put a child through untold hardship when it could be avoided? I pray God helps us to make wise decisions always.

Thank you for your time, please drop your comments and share with others too. Till I come your way next week, make your marriage work!


  1. Wilfem says:

    Finally, 4 has been divided by 2. Lol. Nothing could be hidden before God Almighty. May God give the intending couples the grace not to hide any of their past, no matter how ugly it might be.
    Thanks for yet another incisive story.

  2. Kayode says:

    Speechless…. The three pivots of marriage are Integrity Communication and Trust. Another wonderful piece from Aunty Ireti. God bless you.

  3. Adesuwa Zanita Ugiagbe says:

    Hmmm, the golden rule truly works every time. Do unto others what you will have them do unto you. What will you do and how will you feel when the table is turned on you? It is a question that should guide our every action. Honesty remains the best policy. I pray God help us to stay honest and true always. God bless you mama, more Grace.

  4. Adesina Oyekan says:

    God bless u dear Sister for another beautiful write up. I pray God will help us to always be open in marriage.

  5. Martha says:

    Beautiful story with a lot of lessons. Truth can never be hidden no matter how long it takes. God bless you ma’am.

  6. Jessy says:

    Thanks for this enlightenment. For those who care listen dont play love and forget your genotype if must have a happy home with your children being healthy

  7. What an interesting story, genotype is very important, don’t be blinded by love and say you can manage the situation when the time comes, is better avoided.

  8. Debovsky says:

    Secrets can never remain secrets forever, they have a knack for rearing their heads when you least expect. This is an account of why appreciation of genotype is important, but I believe you are responsible for the choices you make in life. Another great story and lesson written and told with a kink. GREAT!

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